TruPosture is a safe and natural way to make good posture a habit. It continuously measures the curvature of your spine and compares it to your ideal posture. Whenever your actual posture diverges from your ideal posture, TruPosture reminds you with a gentle vibration.

The TruPosture shirt uses a lightweight Polyester/Elastane blend fabric that’s perforated in the back for added comfort. A separating zipper in the front makes putting the shirt on and taking it off very easy for everyone. Nano-sensors embedded in the shirt along the spine accurately measure the curvature of the entire spine (T1 to the pelvis). You can wear TruePosture all day under your regular clothes to improve your posture comfortably and accurately.

Apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets, and Windows computers are available for free download help you easily setup the shirt and customize your posture training and tracking. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 72 hours, and can be charged from any powered USB port. Learn more

TruPosture app | TruPosture app | TruPosture app