What’s Inside TruPosture

TruPosture is a safe and natural way to make good posture a habit. It continuously measures the shape of your spine in three dimensions and compares it to your ideal posture. Whenever your actual posture diverges from your ideal posture, TruPosture reminds you with a gentle vibration.

TruPosture begins with a soft, lycra undershirt that’s embedded with nanosensors. You can wear TruePosture all day under your regular clothes.

The TruPosture Controller is small and lightweight. It remembers your ideal posture, and provides different posture training levels. The controller can communicate with other devices via Bluetooth wireless. A built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to a week, and can be recharged from any powered USB port.

The TruPosture App gives you visual feedback about your posture. It shows your actual (orange curve) and reference (green curve) postures in real-time. The apps are available for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android devices, and Windows computers and laptops. Learn more

TruPosture app | TruPosture app | TruPosture app